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Started as the payment technological company in 2019 gathered the professionals from banking and payment and IT spheres, Payment Casa nowadays delivers unique online payment solutions and settlement options.

We provide online payments & ecosystems with instant conversion operations in Payment Casa merchant accounts. We monetize your global opportunities in online card acquiring via Payment Casa.

All operations are PCI compliant and provided by licensed exchanges, marketplaces and licensed payment providers.

review from customer

I'm absolutely floored by the level of care and attention to detail the team at Payment Casa have put into our partnership.

Lewis — happy customer

How does that work?

  1. You fill our onboarding form
  2. We integrate any payment acceptance you need via API to your online shop to start accepting payments.
  3. In case if cards payments needed you integrate our card checkout payment page into your online shop
  4. You get final approval from our compliance officer
  5. You choose settlement option available for your Payment Casa account (EUR, GBP, USD)
  6. Start accepting global payments and making money.

Pricing overview

Credit card processing

% + 0.3 EUR


60 EUR + 0,2 %

Mass payouts

3 % + 0.2 EUR

EU IBAN issuing

2000 EUR

Business models we can work with

  • Bookmakers
  • Online casinos
  • Lotteries
  • Dating
  • Streaming
  • MLM
  • Nutra
  • Dropshipping
  • Subscription services

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